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The Film
Fist Power

Its Origin
Hong Kong

Running Time
92 mins

Martial Arts

Aman Chang

Chiu Man Cheuk
Anthony Wong
Gigi Lai
Sam Lee

DVD Distributor
MIA - Hong Kong Classics

DVD Origin

Region Code

DVD Format

Audio Tracks
Cantonese DD2.0 (Letterboxed Version)
English DD2.0 (4:3 Version)

English (Only On Letterboxed Version)

Screen Format
Letterboxed & 4:3

Special Info
Two versions of the film contained on the DVD - full frame and letterboxed.

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Fist Power

Anthony Wong plays Chau, a desperate war veteran who is pushed to the edge when his adopted son is snatched from him in a bloody encounter. He decides, with the help of some of his army buddies to hold a school full of kids hostage to get his boy back.

Chiu Man Cheuk faces a deadly race against time to avoid an explosive situation and has to fight his was across the city facing all manner of adverseries to find Chau's son, with feisty reporter Gigi Lai in tow.

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